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Attention Women Ages 18-40
RSV/Tdap Vaccine Study coming soon.
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Endometriosis, Migraine treatment and prevention, Pediatric flu vaccine, Healthy volunteer vaccine study, and hot flash study.
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Do you struggle to manage your migraines?
Consider this new migraine research study, now enrolling
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Do you suffer from low sexual desire?
Female hypoactive sexual desire (HSDD) study starts soon.

Participate in a clinical trial in Nashville, Tennessee.

Developing Cures is a Tennessee Effort

Researchers in Tennessee come closer to cures for diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Anthraz every day, but even with more than 50,000 people employed in the life science industry statewide, we still need our help. The two most important thing you can do to help cure diseases are:

Volunteer for a clinical trial. Almost anyone can, and should, volunteer for a clinical research study or treatment trial across Tennessee. Encourage your elected officials to support Tennessee's life science industry. Institutions large and small are leading the effort to discover cures.

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Why Participate in a Trial?

At Clinical Research Associates in Nashville, Tennessee, there are many local physicians who collaborate with Clinical Research Associates. They have all been in private practice with multiple hospital affiliations. Each physician is board-certified in his/her area of therapeutic expertise. Our clinical study coordinators are registered nurses and/or dietitians. These highly experienced professionals care about patients and education. They continually received updated training in their specific therapeutic area, general care, information related to a specific study, and regulatory guidelines.

CRA Receives Top Industry Award

One of the world's largest clinical research organizations, INC Research, has granted a Clinical Research Site Award to Nashville-based Clinical Research Associates. For the second year in a row Clinical Research Associates has been named by INC as one of the top research sites in the world and is a member of the INC Catalyst program. The Catalyst program is a select group of sites that INC has designated as a top vaccine research site worldwide.