Why Should You Participate in Research?

Written by Clinical Research Associates staff

Why is it so important to participate in research? According to a recent survey, most people decide to participate in a clinical study with the goal of helping themselves and others. They may want to find a better treatment than one they are currently taking. Or their motivation could be to assist in the drug approval process so that others have access to a better treatment in the future. Other reasons include

  • receiving a better quality of care
  • receiving free study-related medical care and medication, and
  • because their doctor referred them to the study.

What Our Participants Had to Say*

One participant said she learned more about her condition by participating in one study than three different specialists had told over three years, and that she enrolled in the study because she was "searching for something different, a solution to the problem that was better" than what she had.

Another study volunteer who was dissatisfied with the cost and impersonal nature of standard medical care said that study-related care at CRA "is far superior to any doctor's office" and recommended study participation to her friends and children.

A participant who has been in studies here since 1987 said he did not know much about clinical research before his first study, only that it was "necessary and important." He spoke of the entire staff as very professional and experienced, and said that they made him feel at home.

One of our research participants, who is currently in her first research study, said that interaction with our staff is "a lot more personal" than she thought it would be. She had imagined clinical research to be "lab coats and beaker," but found a warm and pleasant atmosphere.


* These are the opinions of 4 individual research participants, which do not necessarily reflect the experience of all participants or your experience should you participate.