A Tennessee Effort

Researchers in Tennessee come closer to cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Anthrax every day, but even with more than 50,000 people employed in the life science industry statewide, we still need your help. The two most important things you can do to help cure diseases are:

1.       Volunteer for a clinical trial. Almost anyone can, and should, volunteer for a clinical research study or treatment trial across Tennessee.

2.       Encourage your elected officials to support Tennessee’s life science industry. Institutions large and small are leading the effort to discover cures.  

Volunteer for a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are a research partnership between the participant (you), your family and the investigator … and you are in the driver’s seat. There are open clinical trials across Tennessee right now targeting everything from Alzheimer’s disease and mild memory loss to flu vaccines and smoking cessation. If you want to make sure these new treatments work for people like you, then you should volunteer. 

A common misconception is that you have to be sick in order to volunteer for a clinical trial. The truth is that healthy individuals of all backgrounds are needed for successful trials. Healthy volunteers are essential for trials focused on prevention, and diverse and inclusive trial populations help to ensure that new treatments are effective for all different kinds of people.  

Another misconception is that trials only take place in big labs and universities. Tennessee is lucky to have a number of research institutions that fall into that category—like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Meharry Medical College, University of Tennessee and more—but there are also “smaller,” local research firms like ours testing cures and treatments statewide.

Encourage Elected Officials to Support Tennessee’s Life Science Industry

If you decide not to volunteer for a trial, but you still want to support cures in Tennessee, you can encourage your elected officials to support public and private research. Their attention, and yours, is critical to support cures in Tennessee for generations to come.

The life science industry accounts for more than 52,000 jobs and $11.7 billion in Tennessee’s economy. On average, it takes more than 10 years and $2.6 billion to discover and develop a new medicine. We can’t afford to wait.

 You can help cure disease. We hope you’ll take action today.

Click here to sign up for an active research study or call 615-329-2222 for more information or to find a trial that needs your help.